Turkey’s genocidal policies against its Kurdish population

[The following article by Victoria University academic Dr Hussein Tahiri, provides a valuable perspective on the unremitting hostility by Turkey’s ruling elite to the country’s large Kurdish minority.]

Genocide is a systematic use of violence or oppression with the aim of physically eliminating or culturally destroying a social group. The savagery involved in physical genocide often attracts international attention whereas the use of cultural genocide over time often goes undetected. See full article here. (Picture: Kurdish town of Nusaybin, after army bombardment, July 2016.)

Belgian court rules that PKK is not a terrorist organisation

[By Melanie Gingell, Peace in Kurdistan] October 2, 2017 — On September 14 of this year a judgement was handed down in the case of a group of Kurdish activists who faced trial on terrorism charges in Belgium. The defendants were acquitted as the court found that the PKK is not a terrorist organisation but rather a party to an internal armed conflict in Turkey. Continue reading